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Antithesis announces Artificial General 8-bit Intelligence (AG8I)

8 bit world

Antithesis comes out of stealth, and the system goes online on February 13, 2024, removing human decisions from software testing.

Antithesis begins to learn rapidly and eventually becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. EDT on March 29, 2024.

It immediately begins playing Nintendo games:

April Fool’s! Well, sort of. Our system is not quite sapient yet, but the video above is 100% real.

The Antithesis autonomous testing platform can beat dozens of games, including some very complex ones that as far as we know have never before been completed by an autonomous system. Games like:

…plus a bunch of more obscure ones.

Along the way to winning, Antithesis thoroughly explores the state space of these games, and finds all kinds of fun bugs and exploits, including a few that are unknown to human speedrunners.

Skeptical? You should be! We’re launching a whole series of posts over the coming months including deep-dives on particular games, as well as discussions of how this research relates to our core business of finding fault-tolerance bugs in distributed systems.

Stay tuned!