Antithesis in action

Antithesis has tested many open source projects and found many bugs in them. Unfortunately these projects aren't great illustrations of Antithesis, because the bugs tend to be difficult to understand for people who are new to those systems, and because they're constantly being fixed by pesky maintainers. And thus, Glitch Grid was born!

Glitch Grid is a distributed database that we wrote with two goals: it is very simple, and it is full of bugs. We do not recommend using it to store data. But it does show you how to use Antithesis. It's integrated with our SDK, and it uses our GitHub Action to run Antithesis every night.

Triage report

After every test run, Antithesis generates a report summarizing the bugs it found. The reports you get for your software will be very similar to this. Hopefully there will be a lot less red in yours.

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Bug report

Antithesis can also use its deterministic replay capabilities to gather detailed information about a particular bug, even if the bug was only seen once. Here's an example we ran on an old bug in Kafka.

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