Our pricing is based on the number of CPU cores dedicated to testing your software. More cores means we will find bugs faster.

Annual Reserved Pricing

The initial way to engage with Antithesis is to reserve a set number of CPU cores that continuously test your software.

Part of your reserved capacity can be configured to always test your latest build, to find newly-introduced bugs right away. Another part of it can focus on your current release, searching for rare but catastrophic bugs.

The cost per annually-reserved CPU core is $0.80 per hour, equivalent to $7,000 annually.

On-Demand Pricing

Antithesis is also able to provide CPU cores on demand, at a higher per-unit cost.

This allows existing customers to burst their testing bandwidth beyond their usual reserved capacity in advance of a big release.

On-demand CPU cores are priced per hour, at $2.00 per hour.

How Many Cores Do You Need?

The answer to this question will depend on a variety of factors, including your organization’s priorities, the complexity of the software under test, and your testing goals.

For a detailed write-up, see the sizing page in our documentation.

Alternatively, contact us to discuss your testing goals with one of our solutions engineers.