Why Antithesis#

Antithesis is a platform that tests your entire software stack—not just individual functions or programs—in a deterministic, simulated environment that finds and replicates your bugs, before they impact your customers. With Antithesis, you can develop boldly, knowing that your software issues will be discovered, reproduced, and fixed.

How will Antithesis help me today?#

Bolder development sounds interesting, but what will Antithesis do for me right now? Maybe you have a thorny bug reported by a customer that you just can’t replicate; maybe you have a big software update coming up and you want to be extra sure the release goes well; maybe you just want to know how resilient your system is to suboptimal network and hardware conditions. Antithesis can help with all of these problems.

That thorny bug? Finding and replicating a frustrating, arcane bug is Antithesis’s bread and butter. Our platform intelligently explores your software across a variety of scenarios, varying everything from environmental conditions, to hardware performance, to simulated user input. Once a bug is found, our deterministic environment ensures that it can be replicated and analyzed. Our tools won’t just find the bug, we’ll provide you with a report which analyzes what parts of your code are most likely to be involved with the error.

Your big software update? Antithesis will work to test your upcoming release and give you confidence that you’re ready for production. Clients like the Ethereum Foundation have used us to test—and successfully launch—major updates to their existing systems, and we can do that for you, too.

And if you just want to see how resilient your system is right now, our environment will put your system through a range of simulated network and hardware conditions. Antithesis moves beyond basic chaos testing, by intelligently adjusting those conditions in ways most likely to surface bugs across a multiverse of simulated runs of your system.

How will Antithesis help me in the future?#

Antithesis works best when you run it regularly, surfacing bugs long before they approach production. This lets you find and solve issues before your customers find them, and—importantly—when they are easier (and cheaper) to fix.

By amplifying the power of your traditional tests by placing them in our deterministic environment, you can be confident that the issues you find won’t just result in frustrating bug hunts that devour engineering hours. Instead, you can use Antithesis’s analysis to quickly bisect the bug and get back to building features.

Doing this unlocks the greatest benefit of Antithesis: You can develop boldly, rapidly updating your code and adding new features—knowing that Antithesis will discover your bugs and help you quickly fix them.

That sounds good—but how do I get started?#

Look over our getting started guide here in our docs, and contact us today. We look forward to helping you build better software.