Release Notes#

June 3, 2024 - 15.2#


  • [SDK] SDK messages now appear in Antithesis logs. This includes assertions being hit, system lifecycle events, and custom messages you emit through the SDK’s logging API.

  • [Runtime] The default kernel in the Antithesis environment has been upgraded to 6.1.


  • [Reports] Fixed a case where debug logs after the moment a bug occurred could not be loaded.

May 14, 2024 - 13 & 14.1#


  • [SDK] New Rust SDK! Source is available on GitHub and usage instructions can be found in our documentation.

  • [SDK] The C++ SDK offers a dedicated header file for coverage instrumentation support. This header is compatible with C programs and does not require a modern compiler or C++ version.

  • [SDK] Triage reports now inform you whether the SDK was set up correctly.

  • [Runtime] When a single bug is found multiple times within a test, we pick a few examples for which to report full logs and other debugging artifacts. We now always pick the examples with the least total output volume leading up to them, as a proxy for simplicity of reproduction.

  • [Runtime] New API parameter, antithesis.description, which customize headers in reports and emails. For details, see the webhook documentation.

  • [Runtime] New API parameter, antithesis.config_image, which specifies the configuration image for a test. For details, see the webhook documentation.

  • [Runtime] The antithesis.images API parameter is now more powerful and flexible. For details, see the webhook documentation.

  • [Runtime] Misconfigured tests now fail faster in some cases and send more actionable information back to the caller.

  • [CI] Antithesis GitHub Action: Shipped the v0.4 update which supports all the new API parameters in this release.


  • [SDK] Reports now correctly handle large numbers of SDK assertions (200+).

  • [SDK] Go: multiple bugfixes.

  • [Runtime] Fixed issue where container dates could be malformed in reports.

  • [Runtime] Fixed situations where excessively verbose logs emitted by customer software could degrade the report experience.

  • [API] Fixed situations where malformed API parameters did not cause obvious failures.

  • [Reports] Fixed bug where Antithesis internal system messages leaked into reports.

Apr 22, 2024 - 12.1#


  • [Reports] All Log Viewers have an Expand / “Full Screen” button.

  • [Reports] New default property that software was built for x86_64. Many users have ARM-based laptops and can accidentally push ARM containers when iterating locally.

  • [SDK] Multiple C++ SDK improvements, including better shared library loading.

  • [SDK] A new, easy option for sending program log output to Antithesis. Program output sent in this way will appear in logs sent back in reports, helping to identify bugs and diagnose root causes. More details are documented in the capturing output section.


  • [Reports] Multiple fixes to improve report loading speed.

  • [Service] In more cases, Customer Support will be notified of errors.

Apr 9, 2024 - 11.3#


  • [SDK] New C++ SDK! See the source on Github and see the documentation for usage information.

  • [SDK] Go SDK (v0.3.4) adds new pass-through compile flag no_antithesis_sdk. See the Go SDK documentation for detailed information.

  • [Runtime] New API parameter, antithesis.source, used to establish history for properties. See the webhook documentation for more information.

  • [Runtime] Extracting files from running system now supports streams as well as regular files.

Mar 4, 2024 - 10.3#


  • [SDK] New Go SDK! See the source on Github and see the documentation.

  • [API] Webhook parameter antithesis.images specifies software image versions by digest or tag. See webhook documentation.

  • [API] Webhook parameter configures per-run report destination addresses. See webhook documentation.

  • [Service] A new GitHub Actions integration allows for direct use of Antithesis from a standard project on GitHub. Tests can be started either automatically or on-demand and results are directly attached to commits for future reference. Details are documented in the CI Integration section.

  • [Reports] New default property “Software images match expected platform” checks that software was built for x86_64. Many users have ARM-based laptops and can accidentally push ARM containers when iterating locally.

  • [Reports] Reports support dark mode in compatible browsers.


  • [Reports] Many fixes to improve the load speed for reports.

  • [Instrumentation] Fixed issue encountered when adding coverage instrumentation to WAR files.

  • [Service] Fixed situations in which CI callbacks could fail to fire.

Dec 20, 2023 - 5.1#


  • [Reports] Logs captured in reports can be searched by text and filtered by text through inline search bars. Additionally, logs coverage extends somewhat beyond bug manifestation, which often surfaces stack traces, etc.

  • [Reports] Reports use less bandwidth and render more quickly once loaded.

  • [Instrumentation] ASAN-compiled binaries are supported with Antithesis instrumentation.

  • [Fault Injection] New fault type: clock-skew faults can be introduced at the customer container level.

  • [Reports] New report: the Bug Report offers a deep-dive for debugging a particular issue.

  • [API] Artifact gathering is more configurable to match customers’ needs.

  • [Reports] Triage Reports include:

    • Additional metadata about tested software such as upload data and all the tags associated with that container.

    • Much more complete description about each tested property.

    • Go instrumented binaries have correct line-number information in stack traces, etc.

    • Bugs in the Triage Report have a “Copy moment” function.


  • [API] Core dump files did not support spaces in the name.

  • [API] Artifact (core dump, log file, etc.) extraction is more reliable.

  • [Fault Injection] Thread-pausing for LLVM-based binaries could be unexpectedly disabled.

  • [Reports] In some cases customers would receive multiple emails for a single test.